Odds and Ends


Hey! I’ve been a little MIA…it seems I had to make a few stops in LA, Palm Springs, Washington DC, Dallas, and Kansas City over the past month or so. Never fear, Odds and Ends are here!

1. Wow. I totally rocked some of these shoes! #unfortunate

2. Work from home? Maybe you can relate. Hilarious.

3. I’m spending a week in London and Paris in March and am determined to pack a carry on only. This has been so helpful.

4. Did you see this? Another solar system? Alien life? SO AMAZING.

5. Why facts don’t change our minds. Such a good read.

6. Natalie is a gem. Love this post on what she’s reading with her young girls.

7. Am I pragnent/pragnent/pegnate? OMG, I couldn’t help myself. I laughed so hard at this one. Turn up the volume.

8. Are you extra feminist when drunk?

9. We now have four Amazon Echo Dots in our house. Here are some good hacks that might push you over the edge if you are considering pulling the trigger.

10. Pope Francis says it’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian. Food for thought.

11. Tigers vs. Drone. Who do you think won?

12. Something about the eyes. The gateway to the soul.

Happy weekend to you!

image credit: caroline cohenour

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