Nacho Nachos and Churros at Angels Stadium

Here is our first guest review by Blake K. He is covering some of the Mexican food options at Angels Stadium:

For this review, you could say I’m in enemy territory, given that I’m a Dodgers fan, but I can’t say no to free tickets. The hospitality service Legends recently took charge of the “Big A” and has revamped its food selections. For starters, they have made the popular nachos more available throughout the stadium. The nachos stand is known as Nacho Nachos. Since there are several around the park, it keeps the lines down. The service was quick.

Steak and chicken are the protein options for the nachos and for my first choice I chose chicken. The chips are the standard, round Tostitos chips you’d see at any stadium. The same goes for the cheese. It’s the warm, delicious, guilty pleasure goop we all love. The Nacho Mama size is the medium portion size for nachos. There is a small size, which only comes with chips and cheese, and there is a bigger size called Nacho Daddy, which has the same ingredients as the Nacho Mama, but comes in an Angels helmet. The toppings include pico de gallo, sour cream, jalapeños, and guacamole. I found all of them to be fresh, including the chicken. There was plenty of cheese to cover every chip, which made them messy, but they give you a couple forks with your order and I’d take “messy” over “not enough” any day. I wouldn’t suggest going about eating these with your hands. The chicken was hot, tender, and flavorful. I tasted some peppers and onion in its seasoning. I didn’t run into any dry pieces of any bits that were too tough or full of fat. The portion size is definitely big enough for one hungry person.

3/5 Bumblebee Men:

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